brand is not a logo design. we explain how to understand and craft a brand personality.

Your brand is not a logo design, a visual identity or the products you sell


So, if your brand is not a logo design, product, service or identity system then what is it?

Consider how you think about other brands you like: why do they matter to you; what makes them special and the BIG question – how do they make you feel?

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Content Strategy Tip – Know your customers well enough that you could buy them the perfect present!

다운로드 We posted this content strategy tip a few weeks back on a few of our social feeds and I want to go a bit deeper into what this means and how thinking in this way can help you engage with your customers more effectively redhat 6.5.

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10 tips on how to design a logo for a startup business

다운로드 Are you looking for advice on how to design a logo for a startup business or redesign a logo? At Creative Giant work with entrepreneurs, big brands and smaller businesses everyday and with over 20 years industry experience we’ve learnt a thing or two when it comes to logo design 요괴워치 어플 다운로드. With that in mind we want to share with you our 10 best logo design tips to help you ask the right questions and get the best out of the design process v40.

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Creative Giant shortlisted for Design Annual

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Creative Giant has recently been shortlisted for the 2016 Creative Pool Annual for the branding work we produced for Grain Brewery 다운로드.

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Design for ANY resolution

스타크래프트 빨무 다운로드 2015 was a pretty cool year for Creative Giant:

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Logo design and branding for Norwich based offices

Sierra iso download Creative Giant has been busy this summer working on the logo design and branding for The Union Building, the newly developed offices about to open on Rose Lane in Norwich 다운로드.

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Graphic design film screening in Norwich

youtube video

Monday 8th June sees the arrival of the Made You Look graphic design film screening in Norwich, something we’re feeling pretty hype about here in the Creative Giant studio Vegas pro 10.

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Norwich Resident Magazine – Creative Giant App Column

다운로드 We’ve been working with The Norwich Resident magazine for a while now, delivering three of our favourite apps or websites that rock our nerdy world each month 워크스테이션 다운로드.

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Moosey Art – Private View – Stew Gallery

다운로드 We we’re pleased to get involved with the Moosey Art show last night at The Stew Gallery in Norwich 다운로드. Frazer from Moosey Art hooked us up with the gig a few weeks back when we met at Pork Stock down at Redwell Brewery 다운로드.

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Mash Tun & Gin Palace Launch Party

다운로드 A couple of weeks back The Mash Tun & Gin Palace opened in Norwich, having been heavily involved in the logo design and branding for the project of course Creative Giant was there for the launch party 다운로드! Craft Beer was flowing and give or take a few last minute finishing touches the night went off with a bang.

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