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We’ve been working with The Norwich Resident magazine for a while now, delivering three of our favourite apps or websites that rock our nerdy world each month 워크스테이션 다운로드.


Previous issues have included Norwich based app Droplet, the all new social networking site ELLO and the designers sharing site Somewhere to name just a few. Our latest column in The Resident see’s us shouting about more homegrown talent from right here in sunny Norwich in the shape food sensation and all round top bloke, Ian Haste, and his You Tube channel Hastes Kitchen, based around clean eating 다운로드.

Hastes-Kitchen-you-tube-channel-social-media-Ian-Haste copy

Hastes Kitchen
You Tube Channel

Less of an app, as this is a You Tube channel, I thought it was a perfect one to include for the run up to christmas as it includes heaps of cooking ideas, tips and recipes 다운로드. Married to Nic from Pixiwoo, Ian’s food channel delivers, as you would expect, a well produced set of films all based around the ethos of ‘clean eating made simple’ which is all about eating food in its most natural form as possible and not eating things you can’t pronounce on the back of the packet. Hastes Kitchen is packed full of everything from roast dinners, perfect curries, amazing breakfasts, tasty burgers and beyond. Ian breaks every recipe down and shows you whats what and how to knock up a great meal that will rock your world and more importantly your dinner guests too! Head over to and get cooking.Also featured this month is the cool Face morphing app FaceFilm and the handy text generating app Swype, to check out more about those head over to the digital edition of The Norwich Resident magazine, you can find us on page 40 of the December issue.

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