OHD-Oslo-gin-Distillery-Website-Design-Norwich-about.jpg OHD-oslo-distillery-website-design.jpg vidda-gin-marka-bitters-website-design-ipad-screens.jpg

Website Design for OHD

Norwegian based Oslo Håndverksdestilleri (OHD) was launched in 2015, they make Vidda Torr Gin and Marka Bitter, both of which are high quality artisanal spirits enriched with Nordic botanicals.

Creative Giant was appointed to create a website design to showcase their products and deliver all the essential company info.

Branding wise, the design of the website includes influences from the cleanliness of the existing corporate mark and brand logo, something the client was keen to expand on. Imagery was sourced to depict the essence of each drink and to help tell its story, origin and Nordic influences. Log cabins and vast lakes sit next to locally sourced botanicals and snow covered mountains, all of which contribute to the delivery of a modern look and feel which also draws heavily on its use of Nordic inspired type, design and layout.

The final result is a crisp looking, fully responsive CMS website that the client can now manage themselves and add to as required.

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